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July 19-20 Sherwood, OR | Free admission

Enjoy live entertainment on two stages, medieval re-enactments, a popular community parade, a knighting ceremony, a castle building contest, a teen dance, crafts, lots of music, delicious food, a beer and wine garden (including selections from local wineries and breweries) and a wide variety of activities, with over 100 vendors.

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Be sure to vote for A'ppealing for the

Auburn People’s Choice Award!

A'ppealing is # 9 at B St NE & Main (In front of Kid Savvy)

The City of Auburn's 2023-2024 Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcases outdoor sculptures of various sizes, types and mediums. Primarily located along Main Street, the sculpture gallery changes annually providing different artwork for Auburn residents to experience and enjoy.

Be sure to vote for Salacia for the

Puyallup Community Favorite Award!



Jenny's sculptures are installed throughout the Pacific Northwest

A variety of Jenny's sculptures are on display this Summer at Oregon Garden.

Oregon Garden is an 80-acre botanical garden, featuring more than 20 specialty gardens showcasing the diverse botanical beauty that can be found in the Willamette Valley and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

879 W Main St, Silverton, OR 97381 | 503-874-4294



Meet Jenny Ellsworth, a passionate welder whose journey into the world of metalwork ignited in 2004. Entranced by the crackle, pop, and sparks of high-voltage electricity melding two pieces of metal, Jenny discovered her calling to create.

Initially Jenny delved into metal fabrication for commercial properties, refining her skills and artistry. She soon recognized the unexplored possibilities within salvaged materials. In 2006, Jenny embarked on a new chapter, driven by her desire to breathe life into forgotten materials. Her sculptures, inspired by the intricate beauty of plants and critters, resonating with organic beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, found a home in nurseries and galleries, captivating audiences with their intricate detail and emotive presence.

Through her sculptures, Jenny lends a voice to the disregarded and celebrates the innate beauty found in repurposed materials, inviting others to see the world through her creative lens.

Today, Jenny spends most of her time in her shop. Her creations are installed throughout the Pacific Northwest, each piece a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and her innate ability to transform raw materials into captivating works of art.

Join Jenny on her journey as she continues to redefine what is possible with metal, one awe-inspiring creation at a time.



Please reach out, I'd love to create something wonderful together.

971-371-9882 |

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